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Hi there!
Love pathways so much! It really helps me to understand and work with chronic pain, (would love to be able to afford the full paid subscription)
My suggestion are that It’d be nice to receive notification/reminders about today’s session, or log symptoms, also, to be able to link the data from my sessions to apple Health Kit
If I may, I’d like to mention something else, please.
Every now and then the list of RECORD FACTORS go all messy and not in alphabetical order or grouped together, for example, running under 30 mins it isn’t near running over 30 mins, alcohol (low) isn’t listed before alcohol (medium) and so on, it can get quite confusing to log a record when the factors are misplaced

Suggested by: Karla Upvoted: 07 Oct, '20 Comments: 1


Comments: 1

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